Paint color scheme, fluorocarbon resin

White background light color is the safest

People who are tired of "one white to the end" do not want to be disturbed by too colorful colors. White plus other light colors is the most coordinated color matching method. The matching of white and light colors is not too limited, and can be matched in a large area in a space.

The same color transition has layers

Want to be surrounded by color and don't want to be too monotonous and depressed, gradual and transition can bring more changes and levels to the space, without losing the expressive force of style.

Pure white bright color personality style

Delicate and charming powder, bright red, bright green, elegant purple, each of which is so full of personality, with pure white to balance can achieve coordination, and full of style.

Cold and warm contrast effect eye-catching

Cold colors and warm colors seem to be incompatible with each other. Most people dare not use them easily, but they do not know that if they are used properly, they will surely collide with sparks with great artistic effects.

Irregular Color Imagination Infinite

Not satisfied with the simple painting of the whole wall, we can give full play to our imagination and use the paint as the material for creation to depict a truly colorful world of our own in our own room. There is no need to be too complicated patterns, only using simple geometric figures, you can most easily complete the color you want.