Cracking problem of metal fluorocarbon paint, fluorocarbon resin

Whether it is metal fluorocarbon resin, solid color fluorocarbon resin, exterior fluorocarbon resin and special effects of fluorocarbon resin, itself will not crack the problem, the majority of cracking is the fluorocarbon resin putty layer before spraying, qualified fluorocarbon resin will not appear any cracking phenomenon.

Secondly, the construction of fluorocarbon resin is very important, the correct construction of fluorocarbon resin can ensure excellent durability, protection, decoration and other excellent performance of fluorocarbon resin, the correct construction of fluorocarbon resin can make the metal fluorocarbon resin coating long-term perfect as new, reduce maintenance requirements.

Therefore, when spraying fluorocarbon resin should pay attention to the following matters:

1. The amount of ingredients should not be too much each time, so as not to stand for a long time, resulting in curing, and in strict accordance with the proportion of each component.

2. The humidity is below 85% and the temperature is 0-35 ℃. Do not construct under the following conditions: rain, snow, fog, frost, strong wind, or relative humidity above 85%.

3. The paint film can be completely cured after coating at room temperature for about 7 days. It is recommended not to use it in advance. Medium and high temperature baking is not included.

Dilution, ventilation conditions, environmental humidity, film thickness and other factors may affect the drying speed.

5. Fluorocarbon resin should pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof and direct sunlight during storage.

6. The construction environment is strictly prohibited fireworks, to ensure good ventilation, wear protective equipment, to prevent contamination of the skin, eyes, such as fluorocarbon resin splashed into the eyes, need to immediately rinse with water and timely medical treatment.

7. Fluorocarbon resin in the spraying process, the gloss is consistent, not allowed to hang, leakage coating.