Relevant instructions for derusting the surface of fluorocarbon paint coating substrate

Fluorocarbon paint is widely used in various fields of modern industrial anti-corrosion with its excellent comprehensive performance, especially in bridges, construction, chemical and other industries. It has a very important role, and has a very complete coating system, which can be used with various intermediate The paint and anti-corrosion primer are used together, and each has different coating effects. To ensure the perfect display of these anti-corrosion effects, we must do a good job of surface treatment before construction.

Surface treatment is not only the premise of the whole coating system is also a key step. The paint coating of many projects loses its protection before reaching the anti-corrosion age. The main reason is that the surface treatment is not good, which causes the paint film to fall off. Therefore, the substrate must be degreasing and derusting, sandblasting, to ensure good enough adhesion of the paint film, in order to ensure the strong anti-corrosion of fluorocarbon paint.

The description of the derusting grade is as follows:

Different derusting methods require different derusting grades. If jet or projectile derusting is adopted, the following four grades can be referred:

1. Grade Sa1 mild sand blasting derusting

The surface should be free of visible dirt, grease and poor adhesion of oxide skin, paint coating, rust, and impurities.

2. Thorough sand blasting and rust removal at Sa2 level

The surface shall be free of visible grease, dirt, oxide skin, rust, paint coating and impurities, and the residue shall be firmly attached.

3. Sa2.5 grade very thorough sand blasting derusting

The surface is free of visible grease, oxide skin, dirt and paint coating, and the traces of residue only show slight streaky spots or spots.

4. Grade Sa3 sandblasting derusting until the steel surface is clean

There is no visible grease, dirt, oxide skin, rust, paint coating and impurities on the surface, and the surface has a uniform metal color.

If power tools and manual rust removal are used, it is recommended to refer to the following two grades:

1. St2 thoroughly removes rust by hand and power tools. There is no visible grease and dirt on the steel surface, and there are no attachments such as oxide skin, rust or paint coating that are not firmly attached.

2. St3 is very thorough. Rust removal by hand and power tools is more thorough than St2 in addition to meeting the requirements of St2. The surface of the exposed part of the substrate has metallic luster.

Fluorocarbon anticorrosive paint coating substrate surface treatment is not only related to the durability of the paint film, anti-corrosion life is also related to the service life of the equipment, can be said to be the key point of the success or failure of the whole anti-corrosion coating system, we must attach great importance to the rust removal work on the surface of the coating substrate.