Construction Technology of Fluorocarbon Paint

Fluorocarbon paint construction procedures are different, different stages of fluorocarbon paint construction process is also different.

General buildings are cement structure. Cement has CaO, strong alkaline will occur carbonation chlorination, thus destroying the wall. General cement structure curing maturity period is 26d. 26d after strong structure, low alkaline, water content decreased. The high pH value of cement is absolutely not neutralized by acid, which is a man-made destruction of cement and will aggravate the flooding of salt-alkali. The second is to do a good job of waterproof treatment. Water seepage is the root cause of the problem of architectural coatings. With regard to the substrate treatment, we determined and recorded the following data: pH<10 and water content <8%.

At present, the one-component dry powder putty used in fluorocarbon paint, or two-component dry powder putty, does not have the function of cracking resistance, alkali resistance and waterproof. Such putty has buried the bane of fluorocarbon paint after construction. Therefore, this paper studies a successful anti-cracking, alkali-resistant, waterproof putty. This putty good construction, good filling, save material, with crack resistance, waterproof function. We have tested its static waterproof function in this way: the sample of putty is dried for 3 days, 3g of water is dropped on its surface, covered with a glass, and 2.5g of water is left on its surface after 30 days. Putty generally emphasizes its water resistance, for fluorocarbon paint construction putty must be more waterproof, because some of the company's fluorocarbon paint foaming source lies in this. Fluorocarbon paint putty must have a slight elasticity, one-component dry powder putty is a rigid structure, after a long time will inevitably crack. Two-component putty scraping is too thick, and conservation is not in place, will crack, pantothenic. At present, the fluorocarbon paint projects have different degrees of cracking, which is caused by this. The anti-cracking fluorocarbon paint putty is generally constructed twice, with an interval of 4~8h and a dosage of 0.8~1kg for each time. Polishing putty again, the purpose of this time is to improve the smoothness of the putty, while improving the consistency of the color of the batch gray layer.

Glass fiber mesh has anti-moth, breathable, non-combustible, waterproof, washable, acid and alkali resistance, while anti-cracking, anti-impact, service life of more than 25a. Stick a layer of glass fiber anti-crack net, which can protect the wall. Generally, it is scientific and reasonable to stick glass fiber mesh by burying method. After sticking, it is required that each place must be closely stuck with the wall, basically in the same plane, with moderate tightness and drying for more than 8 hours.

The last putty of fluorocarbon paint must be smooth, smooth and hairless. Therefore, the batch of a layer of two-component putty is conducive to polishing, and has good adhesion and certain anti-cracking function. Generally, the additive part of this two-component putty should not be too much, otherwise it is not conducive to polishing. If it is too little, the attached putty is poor and easy to crack, and generally 10% is added. The two-component putty can be polished after being evenly stirred on the wall for 8 hours. After polishing, it is rinsed with a large amount of water, and then poured with water every 8 hours. After that, it is poured with water every 4 hours for a total of 3 times and dried for 48 hours. The amount of putty in this layer is generally not more than 0.8kg/m2.

Generally, PU is used as primer for fluorocarbon paint construction, the performance can meet the requirements, and the cost is low. PU is sprayed on the two-component putty without cracking or softening, with fast drying, strong adhesion and high strength. After 8 hours, it is slightly polished to remove dust, generally 6 ~ 8m 2/kg times, and dried for more than 24 hours. According to the proportion, the fluorocarbon paint can be sprayed after stirring evenly, filtering and activation for 30min. Generally, the dosage for 2 times is 4 ~ 5m 2/kg.