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Ruifeng RFZ-13

Product Description
Trifluoroethyl Methacrylate that made by Fuxin Ruifeng is a high purity fluorine-containing acrylate, it can be widely used to make fluorine-containing acrylic emulsion and fluorine-containing acrylic resin. The information of other fluorine-containing acrylates that made by Ruifeng can be found in our website: www.fxrf.com.cn


Item Spec. Typical
Appearance Colorless Liquid Colorless Liquid
Purity ≥ 96.0% 96.2%

The product can be self-polymerized or copolymerized with other monomers to give the polymers good heat resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, water and oil repellence and electrical resistance, it can be widely used to make all kinds of new type of  weather-resistance, anti-fouling and self-cleaning coatings. It also can be used as important raw material of optical materials of optical materials, textile, leather repellent, glass, paper and wood protection products etc.

Product Characteristics *

Items Typical
CAS No. 352-87-4
Formula C6H7F3O2
Molecular Weight 168.11
Boiling Point() 107
Density(g/mL) 1.181 @25℃
Flash Point() 24.5
Refractive Index 1.359@25℃

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Packages, Transportation & Storage
It is available in net 25kg and 250kg plastic drums. Avoid sunshine and rain, do not impact and squeeze, can be transported as normal dangerous chemicals. Stored in cool and dry place away from sunshine and keep away from heat and fire. Should store in the refrigeration house which the temperature is under 25℃.



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