RF-301 solvent-based two-component fluorocarbon resin

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Ruifeng RF-301 solvent-based two-component fluorocarbon resin
Ruifeng RF-301 solvent-based two-component fluorocarbon resin is a product of the copolymerization of chlorotrifluoroethylene, vinyl ester and other functional monomers, which can be cured at room temperature to form a film, and can also be baked at medium temperature to make fluorocarbon baking paint. It has excellent weather durability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, strong self-cleaning, high decorative, especially suitable for the production of ultra-durable weather-resistant industrial, construction coatings.
Performance indicators:
Appearance: water white liquid
Fluorine content (%):24±1
Solid content (%):≥ 50
Glass transition temperature (°C):35±1
Viscosity (s):90~180(23±2°C, coated -4 cups)
Density (g/mL):1.1±0.05 @ 20°C
Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g):23±3
Acid value (mgKOH/g ):3±1
Product features:
Super weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high decoration, strong self-cleaning
Application areas:
Mainly used in industrial and construction coatings
Packaging storage:
The packing specification of this product is 200Kg/barrel. The product should be stored in a closed container, placed in a cool and dry place, avoid contact with water and steam, shelf life of one year

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