RF-101 waterborne one-component fluorocarbon emulsion

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Detailed description

Ruifeng RF-101 aqueous one-component fluorocarbon emulsion

Ruifeng RF-101 aqueous one-component fluorocarbon emulsion is a copolymer of fluorine-containing monomer, olefin monomer and functional monomer, and a polymer emulsion with hard core and soft shell composite structure produced by seed emulsion polymerization technology. The water-based fluorocarbon coating prepared by the fluorocarbon emulsion has ultra-long weather resistance, UV resistance, excellent water whiteness resistance, acid, alkali, salt corrosion resistance, and no change under acid rain, air pollution, and marine salt spray corrosion conditions. Very low VOC emissions, green environmental protection, good construction performance, etc. are especially suitable for the protection of interior and exterior wall decoration and cover light, the protection period can be as long as 20 years.

Performance indicators:

Appearance: milky white liquid

Solid fluorine content (%):10±1

Solid content (%):45±1

Glass transition temperature (°C):25±5

Viscosity (s):10~20(23±2°C, coated -4 cups)

Density (g/mL):1.1±0.05 @ 20°C

pH: 6.5 to 8

Mechanical stability: no abnormality (3000r/min,0.5h)

Ion Properties: Anion


Product features:

Long weather resistance, excellent stain resistance, very low VOC emissions, green environmental protection, good workability; can roll, brush, spray or no air spray

Application areas:

Protective decoration and lighting of interior and exterior walls of buildings, cement, ceramics, metal and wood

Packaging storage:

The packaging specifications of this product are 25Kg/barrel and 200Kg/barrel respectively. The product should be stored in a sealed container at a storage temperature of 5-30°C, avoiding low temperature freezing and high temperature, and the shelf life is 1 year.


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