RF-903 waterborne fluorine-containing acrylate fluorosilicone resin

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Ruifeng RF-903 waterborne fluorinated acrylate fluorosilicone resin
Ruifeng RF-903 waterborne fluorinated acrylate fluorosilicone resin isIt is a kind of water-based hydroxyl fluorine-containing acrylic fluorosilicone resin, which is produced by special phase inversion technology and has the same performance as solvent-based products after curing. It can form a two-component system with waterborne isocyanate curing agent, or form a one-component baking system with amino resin. The water-based coating prepared by the product has high weather resistance, stain resistance, high gloss and no yellowing, high hardness and good wear resistance, good hydrophobicity and oil repellency.
Performance indicators:
Appearance: milky white liquid
Fluorine content (%):10±1
Solid content (%):45±2
Glass transition temperature (℃):35
Density (g/mL):1.1±0.05 @ 20°C
Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g):115±5
pH: 7.0-9.0
Ion Properties: Anion
Product features:
High weather resistance, stain resistance; high gloss, no yellowing, high hardness, abrasion resistance, good hydrophobic oil
Application areas:
Mainly used in high-performance self-cleaning coatings
Packaging storage:
The packing specification of this product is 200Kg/barrel. The product should be stored in a closed container, avoid freezing and high temperature, storage temperature 5~30 ℃, shelf life of one year.

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